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Not once did i see or hear of someone sharing ass/dick as described in two of the answers. Here are some points to help you survive prison as a sex offender:

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Hi reddit, i am colonel (ret.) peter mansoor, former brigade commander and executive officer to gen.

How to survive prison reddit. Malicious rumors will float about because they don’t know what to think of you. It’s a totally different world from the one we are living in. David petraeus in iraq and now a professor of military history at the ohio state university.

If you are at a low security federal prison or a somp facility, this will probably not occur. The cell that was allocated to me had a flat sponge for a mattress, a basin and a small toilet. This is why we compiled these tips from former inmates on how to survive prison.

I hope they follow through with the plans they have. The occasional bully will try to push you out of your comfort zone. From a former inmate, criminal attorney and the creator of prisonpath.

Its just like high school. Some are common sense, but some rules are completely bizarre. Those in low security tend to be preparing to go home and don't want to risk their release when it comes time for halfway.

County jail and various prisons throughout the california dept of corrections. Rapists get killed in california prisons. How to survive in federal prison.

People go to prison and they’re angry and it’s overwhelming. Illogical as it may sound, in prison crimes are categorized by level of respect and paedophilia is the least respected of all. I could submit, or i could die.

How to survive in prison & jail. Afp / stringer / getty Murderers and robbers are usually towards the top, while rapists and chomos are at the bottom.

But, it is frightfully boring. Six months later they wanted to make an example out of me, 8 years in state prison; But the rest of the federal prisons were very similar.

I was in deuel vocational institute, jamestown sccc, solano state prison and avenal state prison, all in california, over the space of 5 years and i never once saw or heard of any sexual assaults. He told me i had two choices: Everything was routine, breakfast, tv, exercise, tv, cards, tv, cards, tv, cards.

Cut off from the rest of the world, inmates live by different rules and norms. I have never been to jail but these are my guesses: I am a 1982 graduate of the united states military academy at west point and served in the us army for 26 years, including tours of duty in germany.

Naturally there is a skepticism surrounding every post in the thread as it is difficult to verify the truth behind any of them, but if true those tales are shocking. A world where money generally matters less than established hierarchies. They come from chaotic backgrounds, and they’re probably victims of trauma themselves.

Soon after coming to allred prison in texas, bret ramos claimed me as his own. Prison sucks, and our legal system has people on repeat marijuana cases bunked next to child molesters. That first night in state prison, completely different ball game.

Mumbai's largest and oldest central prison, arthur road jail is no joke. You may be worried about being assaulted by other prisoners. The main reason being that no one wants to have to watch their back in the shower.

He made his way out of his cell and all the way down the hall to the guards, being stabbed all the while. Lots of gangs and violence there, drugs, alcohol, etc.; There were more than ten of us.” “when we got inside the prison, we were separated and were put in different prison cells.

“when i entered the prison, i got searched and the prison wardens took all my belongings and they gave me new clothes. If you have been given a federal sentence, it is likely that you'll be spending. Yes, a loner can survive in prison.

They make connections and play the power game and come out of. Place to post tips, tricks, evacuation, safe heavens, guides and what ever is necessary to survive a life or death situation. She was moved to a female prison after people signed a petition.

Many inmates have wives and children on the outside, so even though they are convicted criminals they have a level of h. You do 80% of your time so it ended up being 6 years 10 months. Going to prison is not easy.

By roderick johnson, 35, as told to tyler cabot. Every culture has its rules. I remeber reading a article here on reddit about rape (on men), and inorder to protect onself white.

Luckily i work in a state that is making big changes as far as rehab and reform goes. Built in 1926, the facility that was originally designed to house 1000 prisoners is home to over 2000 inmates at the moment. That riot lasted 12 hours and did around $10 million in damage to the prison.

Reddit users explained the basics: One thing i did see was the after math of a youn. If you have been sentenced to federal prison, you will become the property of the bureau of prisons (commonly known as bop).

If you want to survive and not get beat up, you need to follow the rules. But in prison they’re forced into a life that’s more organized. I'm also a nerd and happen to be a programmer (php/sql mostly, i've developed proprietary software for a few companies), and a long time music producer.

If you visit another country and violate what is considered appropriate behavior, you may at best, be ignored or, in the worst case scenario, subjected to scorn, ridicule, or violence. There is a hierarchy in prisons. Unlike a murderer who might have killed under the heat of passion, a paedophile does not have a valid excuse for assault.

Prison is a whole different community. With most of the people i’ve met, it takes a couple of years for them to settle in. The worst prison i was at was obviously the usp in kentucky called mccreary.

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