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Faithfulness is to the emotional life what consistency is to the life of the intellect simply a confession of failures. When all we do is regurgitate our existing opinions we can never learn anything new.

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Does this sound like a person you want to hang out with.

Superficial shallow people quotes. In summary superficial people focus outward. It s a shallow life that doesn t give a person a few scars. Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.

Superficial pop will always exist there ve always been fabians but when people like dire straits and bruce hornsby start having hits it suggests that there s a revolution going on in music. Lack emotional and intellectual depth and are perceptually shallow. When they hear that mittens went to the great cat rainbow in the sky they don t comfort you they say who their comfort.

We are shallow because we have become enslaved by gross materialism the glitter of gold and its equivalents for which reason we think that only the material goods of this earth can satisfy us and we must therefore grab as much as can while we are able. The old english phrase a shallow brook babbles the loudest is a great metaphor for the difference between shallow people and deep people. If we spend all of our time making noise we can t hear other people s ideas and opinions.

What they call their loyalty and their fidelity i call either the lethargy of custom or their lack of imagination. To me beauty is the wonder of wonders it is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances to speak truly few adult persons can see nature. Most persons do not see the sun too many young folk have addiction to superficial things and not enough conviction for substantial things like justice truth and love.

P s we could ve also included displaying a lack of thoroughness or care only outwardly apparent rather than genuine or actual of little substance or. My dear boy the people who only love once in their lives are really the shallow people. Superficial quotes quotes tagged as superficial showing 1 30 of 74 i was tired of pretending that i was someone else just to get along with people just for the sake of having friendships.

In business when you can meet an unmet need that is this primal even meeting it in a superficial way can create a multi billion dollar business e g the chat rooms in aol when it first came out or the lounges in starbucks or the billion people who are on facebook even though these are hardly the most intimate of life experiences. Martin luther king jr. Shallow friends are people you don t call when life makes you lemons.

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