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And profess him or themselves obliged to live quietly under the civil government shall be in any case molested or prejudiced in his or their person or estate because of his or their conscientious persuasion or practice not be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious worship place or ministry contrary. Students of history understand how precious religious freedom can be since governments of ages past so often tended to regulate and restrict a person s religious behavior and belief.

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Penn believed everyone had the god given right to choose what to believe and how to peaceably worship.

William penn quotes on religious freedom. William penn was a celebrated english philosopher founder of the state of pennsylvania real estate entrepreneur and early quaker. William penn english leader born on october 14 1644 died on july 30 1718 william penn was an english real estate entrepreneur philosopher early quaker and founder of the province of pennsylvania the english north american colony and the future commonwealth of pennsylvania. A discourse shewing the nature and discipline of the holy cross of christ p 277.

Bible believing christians should honor the memory of william penn who left a long lasting legacy of religious and civil liberties and freedom of conscience and impacted the religious liberty legacy that american has been known for. No people can be truly happy though under the greatest enjoyments of civil liberties if abridged of the freedom of their conscience as to their religious profession and worship pennsylvania charter of liberties 1701 if we will not be governed by god we must be governed by tyrants let the people think they govern and they will be govern d. In america the freedom of religion can be traced in part to the bold civil disobedience of william penn 346 years ago today.

No cross no crown. Believe nothing against another but on good authority. He was an early proponent of religious freedom and democracy.

As a quaker in england who believed in the inner light of christ and criticized formal external religion penn was expelled from the church of england. And never report what may hurt another unless it be a greater hurt to some other to conceal it. Americans are familiar with penn as the founder of the province of pennsylvania a.

William penn was one of america s most notable advocates and movers for religious freedom. Founding father quotes on religious freedom founding fathers quotes on religious freedom and the separation between church state you re free to republish or share any of our articles either in part or in full which are licensed under a creative commons attribution 4 0 international license. That no person or persons inhabiting in this province or territories who shall confess and acknowledge one almighty god the creator upholder and ruler of the world.

William penn rate it. He is also renowned for his successful treaties and amiable relations with the lenape native americans.

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